Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I , the author of these histories, am but your most humble servant, Peter Simplissimus, I studied at Heidelburg and Potsdam and have for some time been a schoolmaster in Tippelbruder. My uncle was the great scholar, Georg Simplissimus . I inherited his copious notes, written in the Dante's Dilemna Code, and am deciphering these to aid my biography of the great scientist and philosopher of Tipplebruder, Krankenhause and the production of a short monograph on Wihelm Dummer, the great folk hero of the Burg. I also undertake research commissions on the history of Tippelbruder and am honoured to number Maestro Hans Bumsen amongst my noble friends.

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abdul666 said...

GREAT! Absolutly GREAT!

Give us more, please!
May the Phlogistron Time Machine allow you many other discoveries.