Friday, 7 March 2008

Alas, more discoveries!

Yet another fragment from the Krankenhause Papers relating to the future of the illustrious Bumsen! .... I can hardly bring myself to publish these scrawlings but I am committed to prove that the besmircher of great Bumsen's name is nothing but a microbius.. but what if the Krankenhause Phlogistrion worked and time could be spanned... then there were rumours of shamanistic cannibalism............. Still, I must commit to Truth!

"......After visiting Paris and residing there for some time, Geminiani returned to England in 1755. In 1761, on one of his sojourns in Dublin, a servant robbed him of a musical manuscript on which he had bestowed much time and labour. His vexation at this is said to have hastened his death, the following year. This servant was almost certainly Thomas Plunkett, a notorious highwayman, who, with an accomplice, wearing Venetian masks and carrying pistols, terrorized London in the middle of the century. Bumsen was suspected of having supplied the masks and pointed out prospective targets. He may even have helped Plunkett escape Tyburn and flee to Ireland with his ill-gotten gains. Certainly, two years after Geminiani’s death, Bumsen published “Die Kunst des Bestehens für die Gitarre, Organ, Kielflügel und Die Bumbast

The next sheet, which I have deciphered using Dante's Dilemma, relates to Junior Mozart, a precocious brat of ten or so, who recently visited Tippelbruder and played for HOURS on the piano. Now if he could manage the Bumbast....

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